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Headwater Hill

The Mountain Mail - Mar 24, 2023 - Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed Central Colorado Mountain Riders to its membership

Bob Daniel of .Central Colorado Mountain Riders cuts the ribbon as the organization joins Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce. From left front are Karin Naccarato, Paul Smith, Ned Suesse, Emma Dunn, Daniel, Anthony Ware, Dave Chelf, Jason Gobin, Russ Johnson and Heather Adams. Back: Mark Moore, Earl Walker, Michael Varnum, Art Gentile, Sam Johnson and Dan Ridenour.  Photo by D.J. DeJong


The Mountain Mail - 11-7-2017    Central Colorado Mountain Riders present a poster to Dani Cook  of the U.S. Forest Service Saturday at Benson’s Tavern & Beer Garden to display various projects the group worked on this year. From left front are Courtney Brown, Mark Atwell, Angela Hixon, Debra Dayberry, Earl Walker, Scarlett Massine, Thomas Adamec, Melissa Mommer, Madison Mommer, 7 months, Cook, Pat Smith and Chad Hixon. Middle row: Robert Massine, Brett Ziehmke, Norman Lastovica, John Winter, Jim Finkowski, Yon Iaccio, Brad Haack, Mike Abernathy, Keith Gotschall and Paul Smith. Back: James Walker, Austin Murray, Dudley Fecht, Deb Dinin, Melissa Iaccio, Michele Busch and Kevin Busch.   

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