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Fostering an Understanding and Appreciation for the Value of Motorized Users and Multi-Use Trails

Educate and enlighten to drive public land decisions at a local level


CCMR works to ensure all types of trail recreation experiences can be enjoyed by current and future generations - through thoughtful land management planning, trail development projects and place-based plans.


Many proposals and decisions regarding the use of our public lands are determined at the local level.  This is where CCMR works to advance opportunities for responsible, resilient, and sustainable recreation. 


Through the Public Comments process and by attending local planning meetings, we provide facts relevant to the various proposals by land managers, local government, and groups making decisions that would impact our multi-use/motorized trails.

In addition, is important everyone recognize and acknowledge the outdoor recreation pleasures and economic value of our muti-use trails and ensure that our local communities and economies can continue to thrive on outdoor recreation.

Quote from TPA"An estimated 40% of all visitors to public lands nationwide participate in motorized recreation– over half of which includes OHV use."

State and National Seats at the Table

When national and state public officials meet to decide on the future of our public lands, we support the OHV advocacy groups working to enlighten and educated them on the value of motorized trails.  With a growing number of people seeking to recreate outdoors, more and better maintained multi-use trails are essential to the sustainability of trails. 

It is important to support these OHV advocacy groups and respond when they put out a call to action. (See our Important Links list.)  They attend meetings and coordinate with state and local elected officials to develop and preserve motorized vehicle recreation.  They are able to call on the services of attorneys, engineers, biologists, and other specialists to best represent, defend and maintain motorized access on public lands.

As a matter of fact, we were proud to work with CCMR's mentor, the Trail Preservation Alliance (TPA), who was heavily involved in legislation regarding a Wilderness Study area which subsequently mandated motorized usage as a characteristic of the area to be protected and preserved by law - a first in the nation.

Promoting Good Will & Etiquette On Multi-use Trails

Central Colorado Mountain Riders has made significant headway in promoting good will between motorized and non-motorized groups.

     CCMR was awarded the coveted Public Lands Partner Award in recognition for an exemplary partnership with land managers and the "stunning achievement to protect and preserve our public lands and enhance the experiences of their visitors and users."

(read press release)

CCMR has also been recognized for design and installation of trailhead kiosks that educate the trail users on rules and etiquette.  Another popular tool we use to promote good will are the "Be Nice - say Hi" bumper stickers.

Other examples are:

     * Our joint workdays with Salida Mountain Trails

     * Help to clear, flag and sweep for mountain bike events

     * Set up our booth at community events to show examples of our trail work and to educate on trail rules and etiquette.

  (read more in Community Support)

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