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Creating New Trails

CCMR Builds Two New Singletrack Trails - DudBobs and Sundgren Sunset Loop

Creating New Trails

DudBobs Trail

Sundgren Sunset Loop at Big Bend OHV Track

The DudBobs Trail Journey

The DudBob Trail is located within the Chinaman Gulch area of Four Mile on BLM property.  The western trailhead is north of the Chinaman Gulch jeep trailhead.  The eastern trailhead is located where the FR1423 ATV trail meets the jeep trail.  This is near the Triad Ridge singletrack trails. 

In 2018, CCMR worked with BLM personnel to lay out and flag the trail.  Next the BLM conducted an environment assessment including archeological and biologist reviews of the proposed trail.  CCMR then collected bids from trail builders and in November, wrote a Colorado Parks and Wildlife OHV Grant proposal to be paid for by the $25.25 OHV stickers.  CCMR then prepared and presented a grant presentation to the grant committee in March 2019.  We were awarded a contract and a grant to construct the trail.  Funding was provided in April 2020 and we let a subcontract to perform the mini excavator effort. CCMR volunteers flagged the trail and with BLM and Forest Service support pre-cleared the trail for the excavator.  It took eight weeks to excavate the trail.  CCMR, BLM, and FS personnel followed behind the excavator removing loose rocks, lopping remaining branches, knocking down beams, and worked at general trail cleanup.  BLM then installed trail marker and intersection signs. CCMR purchased signs for the trailheads, stickers for the trail markers and alternative route signs. 

It was a tremendous effort - but all-in-all it has been a great experience for our club, its volunteers, and our BLM and FS partners.  All are proud of the trail we have created.  We had the grand opening in October 2020.

Sundgren Sunset Loop

Located in the 54 acre Big Bend OHV Track.

CCMR opened their 1st singletrack trail at Big Bend Motocross track in Salida, CO. This is quite an accomplishment in CCMR's first 3 years as a club and required a great deal of effort - not only to construct the trail but to work with all of the various stakeholders.

Sundgren Sunset Loop was dedicated to the late Tim Sundgren who was CCMR's original Treasurer and a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. His wife, Paulette Sundgren did the ribbon cutting. Read the news article in our "In The News".

The Journey

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