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The Disappearing Trails

Have you ever been out riding and all of a sudden you come upon a sign that says your favorite trail system or connector trail is closed? It is CCMR’s mission to be a strong advocate for the preservation and creation of singletrack trails in the Central Colorado area.  While our focus is singletrack, our advocacy efforts benefit all responsible trail enthusiasts.

Budget cuts for public trail systems and increases in designated wilderness areas has escalated the closure of trails - and the access they provide for our recreation.  These losses often happen without public awareness or debate.  You have only to look at the decades of trail closures in other parts of the country to recognize the trends and see that our Central Colorado recreation opportunities are in real danger.

Motorized recreational enthusiasts are being out-lobbied and outspent by people who advocate to reduce or eliminate motorized trails on our public lands.  CCMR recognizes the value of the nation's vast array of protected lands.  We also appreciate the recreational and economic value of maintaining and expanding mixed-use trails. CCMR will work with organizations and public land officials to promote the maintenance and expansion of multi-use recreational opportunities. We will advocate that public trail designations be based on educated, reasonable, and balanced plans. 

When hearings are held and decisions are made on how Central Colorado public lands will be used, CCMR will work with like-minded organizations to bring awareness to public officials and land agencies on the historic, economic, and recreational value of motorized trails.

JOIN US in our efforts to work with the United States Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to preserve motorized trails in Central Colorado.

The Journey

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